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I read my first piece of fanfiction at the age of fifteen. It was a thirty-chapter fic based in the Rizzoli and Isles universe. Rizzoli and Isles was a TV show that followed the friendship between a cop Rizzoli and a medical examiner Isles. This is not the only example of a friendship being viewed as having queer undertones. The common trend among all these ships is that none of them came to fruition, which is where fanfiction steps in. Make no mistake, fanfiction is also written about heterosexual couples.

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Sherlolly Fanfiction So, I’m advertising my fics here. The Matchmakers-In which both Janine and Tom plays the matchmaker and fall in love with each other in.

Hermione Granger was sitting in the Room of Requirement which had taken the shape of a library. She would have used the normal school library but, it appeared that every seventh year seemed to have taken up residence there. It just wouldn’t do when there were giggling teenagers around while she was trying to study for her N. So, there she was, sitting at a small desk with all types of books surrounding her while she studied for her Ancient Runes exam.

After all, exams were only two weeks away and time was a precious commodity at the moment. She found her mind begin to wander as she tried to finish a sentence about the history of a Rune symbol, which signalled to Hermione that it was time to take a break. She glanced at her watch to find that dinner would just be starting and food was just the thing she needed to sharpen her mind up again.


Be it with each other or others that end up usually in a mess haha. I remember reading one with spidey and tigra that try to make Steve jealous and end up sending Tony in a date with Doom. And one with Jan that was funny too. Not Enough Scotch for this Matchmaking Scheme by desolateice: After Civil War and a lot of healing the Avengers are fed up with the stubborn silence between Steve and Tony and try to take things in their own hands.

The Avengers would like them to figure it out. What will it take for them to finally see the light?

Matchmaking Fics Whenever you have the time (and the will haha) maybe recs for the team/friends trying to to play matchmaker steve and tony.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I couldn’t think of a title that wasn’t “I’m doing AUgust with Sherlolly” so I opted for one that is arguably even cringier. I’m trying out writing for a challenge! Kind of.

I don’t know. I found a screenshot on Pinterest and decided to go with it. Tags will be updated as I go along, chapter summaries will have information about that chapter imagine that! A collection of minifics about SakuOro and their family.

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Katie Davis left and Cecilia Aragon. The internet can be a dark and scary place, especially for teenagers. But in fanfiction communities, teens explore their creative sides and work together to improve their skills, usually without fear of ridicule. That site is FanFi ction. Writers create their own works of fiction based on established characters and then share them to the site for others to read and critique. While there are other fanfiction websites, Aragon and Davis were interested in the youthful users of FanFiction.

1 – 20 of Works in Matchmaking Sona Carstairs · Enemies to Friends to Lovers · Fluff · My First Fanfic · we’ll see how it goes · Angst with a Happy Ending​.

Sophie ran out of the matchmaking building, past Grady and Edaline, and into the big open streets, tears pricking her eyes. Grady, Edaline, and the two matchmakers called her name, but she kept running. Sophie looked up at the glowing gates towering over her. But she wasn’t there to talk to Fitz. The gates swung open and Biana grabbed her arm, leading her inside.

Sophie looked down.

University of Washington Information School

Sophie stared at the red screen. Juji and Brisa nodded. Sophie looked at both of them, her emotions out of control. Sophie ran out, tears spilling from her brown eyes.

Hermione has managed to get herself thrown back in time, the Marauders’ time to be exact. Can she keep James off her and make him fall for.

Superman 64 Returns!! Fan fiction-driven matchmaking has been around for longer than people have used the term “shipping. I wanted to do a modern version of his 90s costume but then just ended up doing the 90s costume but Superman is a very popular fictional character who is known all over the world for his adventures. He spends most of his time in Arkham Asylum and has been a member of the You like shit getting destroyed, explosions, superspeed, bombs, guns, missiles, As, locomotives being thrown half a mile, a 9 foot tall killing machine, a badass female character, Superman Aiden Ashley, Actress: Wolverine XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

Henry cavill series superman fanfiction superman smut superman superheroine badass gal Bane was the friend and protector of Talia al Ghul and the field commander of the League of Shadows. It may not surprise you to learn that most of the superheroines were visualized up during the ’40s and ’50s, and were created by male writers and artists for a primarily male audience, including characters that later became iconic like Wonder Woman and Supergirl. This … supergirl karadanvers lenaluthor supercorp alexdanvers theflash barryallen arrow flash kara superflash karamel sanvers karazorel arrowverse melissabenoist danvers dc superhero superman 1.

Superhero names are fun to come up with, and there is a superhero name for everyone! Take a look at this list of epic names! Ghost Rider Fanfiction Crossover Superman and Superman II were very well received and are the reason most people are familiar with him. Dana donned a green-and-purple uniform, with “Superwoman” written down the leggings Ehh, oh well Captain Atom is a badass. Idiotic question from one of board idiots.

Set decades ahead of the relative future of the DCU, this team hails from the future of Batman Beyond and makes their DC Rebirth-era introduction here. We start with Clark as just a kid, then teenager, young adult, aspiring hero, and a true fucking badass by the end.

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A blog dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and organising destiel fanfiction. Feel free to suggest or review a fic. You can browse using our tags. If you’re looking for something more specific, try our search engine.

Matchmaking – Kim Taehyung. “Maafin aku,aku janji ga gini juga menyukai ide ini. #wattpad #fanfiction In which a girl, decides to slide into her crush’s dms.

So I’m breaking away from my usual topic for Kotlc, so this time it’s about Sophie and matchmaking! I hope you guys like it, and let me know if you want more animal or elf stories! Sophie Foster ducked as a flaming sphere of Everblaze flew at her head. They’d almost won the final fight with the Neverseen, the one that could change…. She flung two ninja throwing stars at Fintan, and even though her aim had been flawless, he melted them with another blast of Everblaze before it made contact with him.

Linh had been standing to the side, whispering strange words to herself as we all fought to take down the last member of the Neverseen.

Queer Fanfiction: Changing The Hetero Narrative Of Pop Culture

Molly thinks she and Sherlock are sleeping with each other with no string attached while Sherlock thinks they are in a relationship. Now, She is pregnant with his child. The Matchmakers -In which both Janine and Tom plays the matchmaker and fall in love with each other in the process. Two or three shot, mini fic. Slip Of Tongue -Prompt fill, one shot.

Fan fiction-driven matchmaking has been around for longer than people have used the term “shipping. a number of international locations get employed to kill.

Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Previous Share Flag Next. Author’s Note: It’s my third request post requested by my beloved riko-koi! Do leave a comment if you’re interested! Ryo smiled, as he catch hold of her hand, and smiled to her.

Her head, resting onto Ryo’s shoulder, as they just lied beside each other, with nothing on their mind. Ryo stood up, and looked around, realising it was Koyama.

Sokeefe Fanfic (;

I started writing it as an original story but then I really felt like it could fit in with the characters of Reign and some of its romantic pairings, especially Mary and Francis. The story is set in a modern AU or an alternate ‘verse , with Francis and Mary still having their connections to French and Scottish royalty, respectively.

I thought I would try it out anyway and see if it works.

The Joker x Reader – “The Matchmaker” If there’s something Bane loves on this earth more than mayhem, it would be his younger sister: you’ve.

So, I recently changed my mind about the endgame of this fanfiction, and I’m adding in some in-between chapters. While I’m writing I decided to go back through and edit the old chapters I had in here. So, here is the first updated chapter. She must have forgotten to close the blinds the night before. She sighed and stretched, accidentally knocking Iggy off the pillow next to her as she fell—bleary eyed—out of her bed.

Her uniforms were all hung near the entrance, so she tugged one off its hanger and headed to her bathroom, where she splashed some water on her face in an attempt to wake herself up. It was her first day of Level Six at Foxfire. The last year she would ever have classes in the main building. She smiled at that thought as she hopped in the shower.

The steam quickly heated her bathroom, and she felt her body slowly waking up as the hot water trickled over her skin. She was excited, but Sophie would be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous for the first day of school. The majority of her sessions were in the Silver Tower this year, and she didn’t really like the idea of being around Master Cadence any more than she absolutely had to. Her relationship with her Linguistics mentor hadn’t improved much over the past three years, but they were working on it.

Snarry post DH – courtship, betrothal contracts and matchmaking, fake relationships

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Marvelously Magical Fanfiction Darcy Lewis and the Matchmaking Mineral Author: EliMorgan Rated G Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Charlie Weasley.

X “Oh come on, why so secretive? The two former kunoichi singletons had spent the evening at Kushina’s home, just chatting and sharing a bottle, well a few of sake, until the discussion had somehow turned to sex It was a forbidden topic considering the fact that both women were widows with chequered pasts in regards to their love lives. Left to go home alone, Tsunade mentally chastised herself along the way for her erratic behaviour. The truth is, Tsunade and this was no secret had long admired Kushina’s son, Naruto.

It had just happened after Naruto had comforted her one night, after Jiraiya had passed away. Tsunade didn’t want to think about it if she did. The real problem though lay with Tsunade’s latest fantasies. Anyway this particular fantasy was a little different. In it, she imagined Naruto and Kushina as lovers. The vision in Tsunade’s mind was always erotic, for both Naruto and his mother were attractive and, as a couple, Tsunade thought they looked beautiful together.

Whilst Naruto seemed the type funnily enough to want older woman. Jiraiya had actually mentioned it once.

Counterstrike GO: Full Matchmaking #156

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