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Special education instructional coach job description

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WebSpecial Education Instructional COACH Job Description REPORTS TO: Principals & Superintendent PRIMARY FUNCTION: Serves as instructional leader to provide staff . WebSpecial Education Instructional Coach (Part-Time) () Alpha Public Schools San Jose, CA (East San Jose area) Estimated $K - $K a year Part-time .

Special education instructional coach job description

Other duties may be assigned as required: • Understand and align instruction and coaching with program goals, design and expected outcomes. • Provide coaching. Directly manage and coach all special education teachers on high-quality instruction to ensure all students are achieving mastery and growth goals, exceeding.

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Helping Teachers Grow Through Instructional Coaching

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coaching special education teachers to reinforce student learning; assisting them with instructional strategies; providing tools for. The primary role of the Special Education Coach is to work with special education teachers to support best practices in using data, provide analysis of.

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WebGeneral Description: The special education instructional coach is responsible for working with special education teachers to support best practices in using data, . WebJob Description – Instructional Coach – Special Education. Primary Function: Under the direction of the Director of Special Services, provides multifaceted professional learning .

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